Message to Lake Union Delegates to 2015 G.C. Session

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Message to Lake Union Conference Delegates

to 2015 G.C. Session


Members of Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Lake Union Conference (Illinois, Indiana, Lake Region, Michigan and Wisconsin conferences) are welcome and invited to share comments with the Lake Union Conference delegates prior to the 2015 G.C. Session, which will be held July 2-11, 2015, in San Antonio, Texas.


Elected delegates to the 2015 Session include:


Lake Union officers

Don Livesay, president

Gary Thurber, executive secretary

Glynn Scott, treasurer


Conference presidents

Ray Pichette, Illinois

Steve Poenitz, Indiana

Clifford Jones, Lake Region

Jay Gallimore, Michigan

Mike Edge, Wisconsin



Helen Bryant (layperson

Liesbeth Fernandez (layperson)

Andres Flores (pastor

Jim Howard (pastor)

William Lee (pastor)

Loice Taruwinga Muza (layperson)

Titus Naftanaila (pastor)

Alyssa Ricketts (layperson)

Vic Van Schaik (pastor)

Verna Walker (layperson)


Note: The list of delegates also will be posted in the April 2015 issue of the Lake Union Herald, along with an explanation of the selection process.


Illinois Conference
Indiana Conference
Lake Region Conference
Michigan Conference
Wisconsin Conference