Linda Fuchs

Linda Fuchs is the Education Superintendent for the Lake Union Conference. Fuchs began her classroom teaching experience in 1976, at the Pontiac Junior Academy, grades 3rd - 6th after completing her B.S. degree in Elementary Education at Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, MA, and went on to complete her M.A. Degree in Educational Leadership at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, in 1979. She has also taught in two one-room schools at Farmington SDA Elementary in Farmington Hills, MI, and Camden SDA School in Camden, ME, and enjoyed the home school experience teaching her son 3rd grade.

Fuchs taught for seven years at Adelphian Junior Academy, Holly, MI, and eight years at Ruth Murdoch Elementary school, Berrien Springs, MI. From 1999-2015 she was a supervising instructor and contract instructor for the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum at Andrews University. She comes to the Lake Union having served as Superintendent for the Michigan Conference from July 2003 to October 2015.