Vice President

Vice President  

Carmelo Mercado
General Vice President
The responsibilities of the general vice president include meeting with the Lake Union president, executive secretary, and treasurer at ADCOM meetings, and president and officer council meetings to discuss, counsel, and decide on issues affecting the Lake Union Conference.

The general vice president is also Multicultural Ministries coordinator for the Lake Union Headquarters. Responsibilities entail giving support and guidance to the Multicultural Ministries coordinators of each of the five Lake Union territories.

The vice president is also secretary of the Lake Union Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries (ASI) chapter, which involves being a member of the chapter board and keeping minutes of local chapter board meetings.

The Lake Union general vice president serves as a member of the North American Division Executive Committee, North American Division Hispanic Advisory, North American Division Hispanic Administrative Committee, and North American Division Hispanic Evangelism Committee.

 Carmen Avila

 Administrative Assistant