Nominating Committee Availability Announcement

Dear Delegate to the Lake Region Conference 28th Quadrennial Session,


In addition to the Lake Region Conference Nominating Committee Meeting that has been scheduled for delegates to the session to address the nominating committee, which will transpire on Saturday evening May 19th between 9:05 and 10:30pm(EDT); to afford those who are unable to address the nominating committee at that time, the Lake Region Conference (LRC) Nominating Committee is making itself available to hear substantive concerns with the published report also on Sunday morning, May 20th between 7:30 and 8:50am (EDT).  Both meetings will transpire at the Pioneer Memorial Church at the following address:


Pioneer Memorial Church, 8655 University Blvd, Berrien Springs, MI 49103 (Please use the Parking Lot Side Access to the Church)


Additionally, in keeping with the Lake Region Conference Bylaws, as the nominating committee report has been published in advance of the constituency meeting, both pre-session meetings of the nominating committee are the result of an effort to be available to delegates in advance of the session and do not preclude or prevent delegates from having the opportunity to address the LRC Nominating Committee at the appropriate time after the meeting has been duly called to order on Sunday.  (Note: Individuals or groups who wish to address the LRC Nominating Committee must be duly elected delegate(s) to the 28th Quadrennial Session and must follow the guidelines posted on the Lake Region Website)  Please travel safely to the session.  On behalf of the nominating committee, we look forward to seeing you!

In His Service,


Maurice R. Valentine II,

President, Lake Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventist

Chair of the Lake Region Conference Nominating Committee

To all duly elected delegates to the 28th Quadrennial Session for Lake Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, please be advised that the Lake Region Conference Nominating Committee will be available to hear your stated concerns regarding the nominating committee report at the following time: 

May 19th (Saturday Evening) at 9:05pm – 10:30pm in the Pioneer Memorial Church Board Room (Lower Floor) 

Church Address: 8655 University Blvd, Berrien Springs, MI 49103 



If delegates wish to have an opportunity to speak to the nominating committee, they are welcome to do so.  The process for speaking with the nominating committee is as follows: 

  1. Only duly elected delegates to the current Lake Region Conference 28th Quadrennial Constituency Session can speak to the Lake Region Conference Nominating Committee.  A Lake Union Conference Registrar will be present to check the delegate list to verify a delegate's election to serve as such in the current quadrennial session. 

  1. Individuals or groups of 10 or less are welcome.   

  • In the instance of groups, a spokesperson for the group is mandatory and the spokesperson is the only person allowed to speak for the group. 
  1. To accommodate as many delegates as possible, a time limit for each individual or group will be strictly followed. 

  1. When you arrive at the designated time and place, the registrar will register the individual or groups concern to be given to the chair of the committee and shared with the nominating committee before the individual speaks. 

  • The place for meeting the Lake Region Nominating Committee is the Board Room of the Pioneer Memorial Church located on the lowest floor of that facility. 
  1. Once the registrar directs the group to enter the room and speak to the nominating committee at the conclusion of the chairman’s review of the document stating the reason for appearing before the committee and a brief welcome on the chairman’s part, the time limit for sharing the concern of the individual or group will begin. 

  1. The nominating committee will confer on the matter brought by the individual or group after the individual or group has exited the room.  

  1. Any additional information may be obtained by contacting the chairman’s Executive Administrative Assistant, Cynthia Baskin at