President's Perspective




Don Livesay
Lake Union President 

Adventists like the word, "Truth." We've used phrases like, "He accepted the Truth" and "She is following the Truth," which usually means a person collectively understands and accepts biblical revelation. 

Unlike many modern relativisits, I believe in absolute truth. God is absolute truth. God's righteousness is absolutely right. God's justice is absolutely just. God's love is absolutely and unequivocally perfect. While I believe in absolute truth, I don't believe anyone on earth, save our Lord and Savior Jesus, has, knows or fully understands absolute truth. Watch out for those who believe differently. 

My understanding is that the depths of truth as related to the plan of redemption, will never be exhasuted. We will gain new insights and appreciate new dimensions of God's plan throughout eternity. It is that deep, that wonderful! 

I am Seventh-day Adventist, not just because my parents were, nor because it's in my comfort zone. I am an Adventist because I believe God has revealed to this church, to this movement, the most accurate and comprehensive level of truth of any group or church. We may not have absolute truth but, in my view, God has granted this church an exceptional level of understanding of his character - a truth that is profoundly needed in this world bent on destruction. 

Of all truth, the cross is most central to Adventist theology. It's the power of our message. The cross reveals God's loving character and his relentless commitment to save those who will receive him. The demonstration of God's love on the cross, while establishing the perpetuity and unchangeability of God's law of love, is the only way to ensure a final and eternal elimination of sin. Christ's path to the cross informs us of our origins - why we are in this mess, and it identifies the source of the problem: Lucifer, the one God had established as the covering cherub, perfect in every respect until sin was found in him (see Ezekiel 28:13-15). Sin is the problem, and our eternally loving and self-sacrificing Creator/Redeemer is the solution. I am so thankful that I was introduced to this great truth from an early age and am compelled to share the true character of God. 

God's character cannot be dissected into truth and love; they are one and the same. Truth lovingly looks outside of self. True love makes a difference in the lives of others. True love treats enemies with concern, care and prayer. True love does not condemn, it connects! False or mislabeled love does not stand on biblical truth and becomes a perversion. 

We are commissioned to proclaim truth that demonstrates God's love. In fact, it will be our privilege to testify to unfallen worlds the truth of God's loving character from the perspective of fallen and redeemed humanity who have experienced the graceful love of God. To say that God is love without demonstrating God's love in our lives will have little or no power to draw people to Christ. Truth presented in an unloving way turns people against rather than drawing them towards a relationship.

So, we must ask, is our truth merely an intellectual understanding, or the reality of God's true character in our lives. Biblical truth must also be heart truth-and in that order. The heart touched by the love of God will respond, sharing that overwhelming experience with others. Let's make sure our hearts are in line with, and motivated by, God's love. It's absolutely true! 

NOTE: The message on this page is the Editorial in the current issue of the Lake Union Herald. It will be updated monthly.