Write On! Journal Example

In the January 2015 issue of the Lake Union Herald, Ray Pichette, president of the Illinois Conference, shares an example of Scripture journaling that has blessed his spiritual life. He uses the acronym S.O.A.P. for the method, which is more fully described in his feature article, "Write On!" The January 2015 magazine file is available in the Archives section of this website. Here is an example of the Scripture journaling, prepared by Ray Pichette:



S (Scripture Reference) = 1:20b, And I trust that my life will bring honor to Christ, whether I live or die.

O (Observation) =The purpose of life is clear: to bring honor to Jesus Christ our Creator, Savior and Sustainer. Jesus is worthy! He is so great! He is love. We must live our lives in such a way as to give him the honor he deserves.

A (Accountability) = How do I give honor to Jesus?

1) Put him in first place in my heart and life.

2) Worship God alone.

3) Pray openly and honestly to him.

4) Respect him by joyfully obeying his Word.

5) Read his Word, taking it into my heart.

6) Preach his Word boldly.

7) Think of Jesus throughout the day.

8) Tell others about Jesus.

9) Be his faithful follower: disciple. Imitate him.

10) Love all others.

P (Prayer) = Dear Lord, Help me honor you today. Let others see you in me. Help me influence others so they desire you in their lives. Amen.

In conclusion, I highly recommend you try this character-developing journaling Bible study method. God has used it profoundly in my life. I regularly experience God's awesome grace, and it inspires me to extend his marvelous grace to others. —Ray Pichette, president of the Illinois Conference