Illinois Conference

The Illinois Conference is home to almost 14,000 members of the Seventh-day Adventist church, living in Chicagoland and the state of Illinois. We, the Conference, exist to serve the needs of more than 117 churches, companies, and mission groups, as well as 11 schools around our territory.



Indiana Conference

The Indiana Conference is home to over 9,500 members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church spread out in 94 congregations throughout the state. The Indiana Conference includes 12 elementary schools and one boarding academy. Indiana Conference’s mission is to reach Indiana and the world with the distinctive, Christ-centered Three Angels’ Messages, which lead people to become fully devoted disciples of Jesus.



Lake Region Conference

There are more than 31,400 Adventists within the Lake Region Conference who worship in 102 churches, 7 companies, and 2 groups scattered throughout Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The Conference has five elementary and nearly 125 employees consisting of pastors, teachers, and staff. Camp Wagner, a campground/retreat facility, is maintained in Cassopolis, MI for year round adult and youth meetings and activities.




Wisconsin Conference

The Wisconsin Conference is home to 7,798 Seventh-day Adventists with 82 congregations and 10 schools. The mission of the Wisconsin Conference is to develop a culture of a transformational and intergenerational discipleship whereby Jesus is multiplied in the life of every member.


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