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National Child Care Systems (Member of NAEYC)

Pre-School Teacher CD-ROM Training and Certification Program



Welcome to the most innovative approach to teacher training and certification! This program will allow you to own your own CD-ROM that can be used whenever it is convenient, anytime of the day or evening.


This program will reduce the stress associated with:

  • After hours and weekend training
  • Teacher absenteeism on scheduled training days
  • Tedious scheduling of onesite and offsite training
  • Meeting required class size minimums
  • Costly hourly fees


This program will provide one clock hour of training for each course. Once you try this program, you will understand why the old methods are obsolete in today's time-driven society.


About National Child Care

Our company has been servicing the child care industry since 1979 and operates offices in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area. We have provided a variety of services to the industry, including temporary teacher-aides, teacher training, convention service day care, corporate seminars and child care consulting. As a new client you are joining a prestigious roster of companies which include Head Start, Easter Seals, the YMCA, Turner Broadcasting, The Home Depot, Southern Bell, several day care franchises and chains, and many, many others.


Our Mission

National Child Care Systems is committed to offering unparalleled child care services that focus on the well-being of our nation's most precious resource: our children.


How the Program Works

A disc is purchased for $79. This disc contains 16 hours of coursework with each course being approximately one hour in length. Continuing Education Units are available upon request through the University of West Georgia. Teachers may choose to pause or stop at any time and continue later. This program requires only a computer and sound. This is not an online program and the Internet is not utilized. Teachers simply place the disc in the computer and the program begins to work, it runs automatically and students simply listen and follow the instructions. Teachers can learn at their own pace, they can review the material as often as they like and choose the time and setting for training.


The program may be viewed on an individual or group basis with teachers clustering around a single computer. The program can also be viewed in large groups with a projector. Lunch breaks, before and after work, children's nap periods, and home viewing of the coursework all represent excellent opportunities for training.


Each course begins with a pre-test, which is identical to the post-test which is graded. Tests are taken manually in a "true"/"false" format. There is no need to download or print results. Answer forms are simply mailed or faxed to National Child Care. Each test is submitted with $12 per course and 70% is a passing grade. Certificates are returned to the child care facility or authorized agency. All fees are non-refundable and certificates are mailed within 10 working days of receipt.


Course Listings

  • Childhood Illness, Choking and First Aid Overview
  • Playground and Infant Safety
  • Infectious Disease, Safety & Hygiene
  • Injury Control
  • Abuse: Elements & Indicators
  • Abuse: Disclosure & Impact
  • Child Development, The Early Years
  • Teaching Math to Preschoolers
  • Teaching Art to Preschoolers
  • Understanding Infants & Toddlers
  • Classroom Organization & Lesson Planning
  • Discipline, What It Is and What It Isn't
  • Team Building
  • Stress & Burnout
  • Keeping Toddlers & Twos Busy
  • Understanding Prejudice


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