Women's Ministries



The Lake Union Women's Ministries Department is here to serve our local conferences and their churches in helping and equipping our women to become involved in at least one area of ministry or service. We also encourage our women to be a part of evangelism outreach programs, to be involved in their community and to reconnect with women and their families who have stopped attending church. 

We know that before we can do ministry and or evangelism, we must first each be filled with the Holy Spirit. This is only achieved by spending personal and dedicated time alone with God. God is our strength, our guide and our joy, looking forward to the day when this work will be ended and we see our loving Savior and Redeemer face to face. Until then, Adventist women will work together whenever and wherever we are needed within the Lake Union or around the world.  


 Special Women's Ministries Events


Be sure to visit www.nadwm.org/calendar to find more information about retreats and seminars in your area, and for up-to-date resources for the Women's Ministries special days and events listed below.

Women in the Lake Union join other ladies from all around the world church in observance of the following annual General Conference Women’s Ministries Sabbaths:    

  • Second Sabbath in June: Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day is designed to recognize the function of the Women’s Ministries in the church, in the home, and in the community.
  • Second Sabbath in July (only at NAD): Women’s Ministries Offering Day is designed so that funds are collected at the local church to support evangelism and leadership training of Women’s Ministries leaders.
  • Fourth Sabbath in August: EndItNow Day focuses on eliminating abuse in all its forms.



Women's Ministries Directors

                      Illinois Conference

                    Diana Lamar


                    Indiana Conference

                    Tammy Begley


                    Lake Region

                    Doris Gothard


                    Michigan Conference

                    Jane Harris


                    Wisconsin Conference

                    Juanita Edge  
                     (920) 484-6555 ext. 319


For additional information and assistance, please contact Carla Baker, Women's Ministries director, North American Division. Her phone number is 301-680-6426 and the fax for her department is 301-680-6600. Inquiries may also be mailed to 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600.