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AdventistGiving allows you to return your tithe and give your offerings online while you do your online banking, are on a long business trip, on vacation, or even if you are unable to attend church due to an illness.

But most important of all, if you desire to give back to the Lord all of your first-fruits as soon as you have them, you can do it immediately through AdventistGiving.


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Dan Jackson, North American Division (NAD) president, has invited each union to adopt an island in the Guam-Micronesia Mission. These islands are part of the NAD. The Lake Union Conference has been paired with Kosrae. Kosrae is located 370 miles north of the equator between Guam and the Marshall Islands. It is 2,800 miles southwest of Hawaii. A Lake Union team visited Kosrae in early 2019 and were welcomed with open arms and grateful hearts. They witnessed the commitment that the church members have in bringing Christ to the 6,000 island inhabitants. The positive impact that the Kosrae SDA School is making in the lives of their 50 students, 36 of whom are from non-Adventist homes, is unmistakable.

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Do You Have a God-Inspired Story?

The Lake Union Herald wants to collaborate with you!

Who can write for the Lake Union Herald? Great question!

  • Anyone can write for the Lake Union Herald.
  • News stories that are submitted should accurately represent the church, school or other church-related groups.
  • Each church or institution should have a designated spokesperson.
  • If there isn't a spokesperson, then the individual doing the writing should consult with the pastor, principal or leader of the group before submitting articles.

The Lake Union Herald editors accept submissions for the following sections of the magazine:

  • Features
  • Telling God's Stories
  • News
  • One Voice
  • Sharing our Hope

Everything that is submitted should "tell the stories of God at work in His people in order to encourage, inspire, educate, advance, and unify the church in the Lake Union Conference."


For more information please visit the Lake Union Herald website.