Meet Our Team

Earl Baldwin

Lake Region Associate Youth Director

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Eric Jean Baptiste

Lake Region Conference Executive Coordinator of Pathfinder Ministry

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Josant Barrientos, Jr.

Illinois Conference Youth Director

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Chad Bernard

Michigan Conference Youth Director

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Gretel Dupertuis

Lake Union Conference Children's Ministry Coordinator

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Joshua Guerrero

Appointed by Wisconsin Conference | Public Campus Ministries Coordinator

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Craig Harris

Michigan Conference Club Ministries Director and Lake Union Club Ministry Coordinator

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Zakia Jarrett

Lake Region Conference Public Campus Ministries Coordinator

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Sandrew King

Lake Region Conference Youth Executive Coordinator

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John Leis

Indiana Conference Public Campus Ministries Coordinator

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Joi McClellan

Lake Union Young Adult Representative to serve on the NAD Executive Committee

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Ariel Padron

Lake Region Conference Associate Youth Director & Hispanic Ministries

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Zack Payne

Wisconsin Conference Youth Director

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Israel Ramos

Michigan Conference Public Campus Ministry Director and Lake Union Conference Public Ministry Coordinator

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Latita Thomas

Lake Region Conference Youth Department Administrative Assistant

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Charlie & Trish Thompson

Indiana Conference Youth Director and Assistant Youth Director

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Ron Whitehead

Lake Union Children's, Youth & Young Adult Ministries Director

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